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L&S Lobby

Commercial Work

Great photographs will add value to your company and enhance your reputation as well as provoking interest and helping to generate new business. I can help you showcase your company’s work, physical plant, and employees doing their jobs. I will create attention-grabbing images that draw interest to your industry. The images will be suitable for use in brochures, manuals, websites, and wall décor for your company.

Zabriski Point, Death Valley, California

Business Décor

Images from my galleries make great additions to the wall decorations within your company. Choose from beautifully scenic landscapes, amazing animals, intimate florals, and powerful aircraft to add interest to your company’s walls. If you don’t see what you are looking for, I will work with you to take industry-specific images for a more personalized theme for your décor. I can work with you or your interior designer to create artwork that will make your business shine.

Real Estate

All too often realtors are in a hurry to list a property and list a home using pictures from their smartphone. You never get a second chance to make the first impression on your clients. I create inviting, provocative high-resolution images of your client’s home that will create interest from prospective buyers.


Camera Training

Did you get a DSLR for a gift and have no idea how to use it beyond it being set on the big green P for fully automatic shooting? Or are you giving one as a gift to a loved one and want them to have a full understanding of their new camera? Let me show you/them how to get the most out of that high-tech piece of equipment. I guarantee that you will come away with a great understanding of how to get the best shots possible. Don’t waste the money you’ve spent on that awesome camera on the ugly P mode!

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